Dr. James Hickman has been offering specialist orthodontic treatment at our current location for over 35 years.  The building was designed and construction from the ground up with focus on the delivery of specialist care.  Over the years, the office has evolved to improve patient care, efficiency, and decor, all while maintaining the same patient-centred, family friendly philosophy.


In 2018, we began the process of transitioning the practice to an interdisciplinary specialist facility.  This involved welcoming board certified specialists Dr. Sherwin Habibi (specialist orthodontist) and Dr. Sam Hickman (specialist prosthodontist).  Having multiple specialties allows for collaborative treatment planning when needed.  This could involve an assessment with an orthodontist as part of planning an implant placement, or an early prosthodontic consultation during orthodontic treatment where there are teeth missing.  Providing the ability for our orthodontists and prosthodontist to collaborate in real time is our core goal.

Sherwin small.jpeg