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Full Arch Implant Supported

Sample Cases

Note: All work, surgical and prosthetic, was completed by Dr. Sam Hickman, unless otherwise noted.  This includes surgical implant placement and final prosthesis fabrication.  All patients have consented to have these photos used, but as a courtesy to them any identifying information has been removed or redacted. 
Case 1:
Upper and Lower Implant Supported Fixed Detachable

This is a case involved a patient with 16 remaining teeth with a guarded prognosis due to advanced periodontal disease.  The patient did not want a removable denture and wanted something that was going to be esthetic, functional, and long lasting. 

At the time of extraction implants were placed and a temporary healing denture was secured.  This left the patient with a full arch of teeth from day 1.  After 5 months of healing a definitive prosthesis was made which featured a core of milled titanium.

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This page is under active construction.

More cases will be coming soon!  Dr. Hickman is able to review these cases, and more, in more detail in consultation appointments. 

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