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HSG Dental Implant Centre

Specialist Dental Implant Centre focusing on full arch and complex implantology. 

Full Arch Implants Solutions

Patients who need to replace all their upper or lower teeth may benefit from a full arch implant solution.  Four or more implants are surgically placed and on the same day a full arch of teeth are attached.  As a result this procedure is often referred to as "All-On-Four".  At the Hickman Specialist Group we do not limit ourselves to the number of implants. After a thorough analysis of your desired outcomes, anatomy, and existing dentition an individualized surgical and prosthetic treatment plan is developed.  To simplify this process we do not charge based on the number of implants, but instead have a flat, predictable, rate.


Specialist Implant Solutions

Single Implants
Multiple Implants
Full Arch Implants
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