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Put simply, orthodontics is the area of dentistry focused on repositioning teeth and jaws.  This can be accomplished in a number of ways including traditional braces, clear aligners (Invisalign®), and orthodontic appliances, or a combination thereof.  Our team can provide different treatment options based on your specific goals and needs. There is no "one size fits all" and we tailor our treatment to each individual.  Dr. Habibi may recommend multiple options depending on your specific needs.


​Traditional braces have evolved extensively from what they used to be decades ago. The technology and precision involved allows for braces to be successful in nearly any situation, whether it’s subtle tooth movements or complex orthodontic cases. Braces are carefully positioned by the orthodontist on each tooth considering the unique anatomy and position of the tooth. Sequential orthodontic wires are used and modified to straighten the teeth and undergo adjustments at each appointment.


Major benefits of braces:

1.    Provide the highest degree of control over moving teeth

2.    Some cases are too complex or time consuming unless braces are used

clear aligners

Aligners are another appliance that orthodontists use to move your teeth into correct alignment. These include brands such as Invisalign, as well as a host of others. A series of computer-designed clear plastic shell aligners are custom made to fit closely over your teeth, and apply the pressure needed to steadily move them. Each tray is specifically designed to move teeth closer to the desired final position and give you that perfect smile.


Major benefits of clear aligner treatment:

  1. Appliances are much less visible than traditional braces

  2. It is easy to remove the appliances when eating

  3. Appliances can be removed to brush and floss, and no special additional techniques or tools are needed

  4. Appointments are generally quicker


The major challenge with clear aligner treatment is that aligners must be worn 20-22 hours per day or else teeth will not move properly and treatment will take much longer.

Orthodontic appliances

Appliances are the tools that orthodontists use to correct tooth and jaw alignment.  Different appliances have various indications for use, as well as pros and cons, depending on your unique case.  No two patients are exactly alike, and so we take a tailored approach to each patient's care.  It's important to remember that your orthodontist's careful diagnosis, treatment planning, and technical skills is a vital part of your treatment's success, and that appliances are simply tools that assist in this process.

Clear Aligners
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