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HSG Dental Implant Centre

Specialist Dental Implant Centre focusing on full arch and complex implantology. 

Dental implants are the most revolutionary advancement in modern dentistry in decades.  Implants allow for the replacement of a missing teeth with a prosthesis that not only looks like real teeth, but also functions and feels like a real tooth as well.


Our goal is to educate our patients as much as we can about the process to help you make a fully informed decision about their oral health.  There will likely have many questions about the process after reviewing this information which can be answered at a consultation appointment.  At that time our specialist would discuss desired treatment outcomes, perform a limited oral examination, provide an estimate of the cost of treatment, and answer any questions the patient and their decision helpers might have. The fee for implant consultations is $100.


It is important to note that dental implants may not be the best fit for every patient.  As a full service specialist centre we offer all manors of prosthetic solutions including fixed dental bridges, partial dentures, and other replacement options.  In some cases not replacing a tooth is the best pathway forward.  We always work with patients to help them make an informed decision.


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