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Dr. Jame Hickman - Speciaist Orthodontist

Dr. James F Hickman B.Sc. DDS. Dip. Ortho
Specialist Orthodontist

Dr. James Hickman not only grew up in Ottawa, but has been practicing orthodontics here for over 35 years.  Growing up in the Alta Vista area, Dr. Hickman attended Ridgemont High School before attending Carleton University where he earned a Bachelor of Science in biology.   He then went to the University of Toronto to study dentistry followed by a specialty in orthodontics.   


Upon completion of his orthodontic training Dr. Hickman returned to Ottawa and opened a small two chair orthodontic office near Billings Bridge.

In 1986 Dr. Hickman moved into the current office at 1379 Bank Street.   While the office design has changed over the years, the fundamental layout has remained constant.  The building has a strange design as it was constructed based on the orthodontic office layout.  The design is optimized to the practice allowing for efficient use of the space. 

Soon after graduation Dr. Hickman was invited back to teach at the University of Toronto School of Dentistry in the faculty of orthodontics where he lectures on the topics of orthodontic mechanics and treatment planning. He is still running this module to this day. 


Dr. Hickman's hobbies primarily include gardening in the summer and skiing in the winter.   Dr. Hickman is the director of the HSG Dental Orthodontic Department and both actively treats patients as well as mentors newer team members with his years of experience. 

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