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Non-Contact Denture Repairs during Covid-19


Dedicated Covid-19 Repairs Contact: 613-319-4919

A denture's primary function is to improve the quality of life of its owner.  This is achieved primarily through improved chewing function, but also improved esthetics, speech, and confidence.  Individuals who have fractured their denture often find it difficult to maintain a normal healthy diet and gravitate to simpler foods that are lacking in nutrition.  Over time this can have a negative health impact which may go unnoticed for an extended period. ​

The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO) and Ontario Public Health have suspended all elective and non-emergency treatment.  After discussions with the RCDSO we have developed a no-contact pathway to help individuals who have fractured their denture during this challenging time.

Please note, specific criteria will need to be met to qualify for this program, namely, an inability to maintain a normal diet.  As per the RCDSO recommendation, repairs that are purely of an esthetic nature will need to be postponed until after the lockdown conditions have been lifted. 

The first step in this process is scheduling a remote consultation.  This can be done over the phone, but is more ideally performed via a video chat service.  We will determine the best system to use at the time of scheduling. 

Once a repair has been approved we will have you wrap your denture in tissue, place it in a bag, and leave it for pickup outside your front door.  We will collect the denture, decontaminate it following RCDSO guidelines, and return it to our office for assessment and repair.

Upon completion of the repair we will decontaminate the denture again and return it to you, leaving it outside your door. 


This service has limitations, most importantly we will not be able to make adjustments until we are authorized to reopen our clinic. As a result the fit of a repaired denture may not be perfect.  It should be fully functional. 

Notice of risk: Current public health guidelines advise physical distancing, and limiting exposure to other individuals.  We are taking steps to ensure the repair process is completed without the need for physical contact or interaction. 

Service Area:  Within the City of Ottawa.  Unfortunately we are unable to cross the Ottawa river at this time due to limitations in place by the Government of Quebec. 

Service Price:  As a community service there is no fee for simple repairs.  Complex repairs requiring a visit to our clinic is not possible at this time. 

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